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10,000 Steri-Wipe give-away with the SUN

As the UK begins to return to normality, LiquidNano has launched a ground-breaking promotion giving away 10,000 Steri-Wipes to readers of the Sun.  Steri-Wipes are already supplied to the NHS and are proving to be a game changer closing the hygiene gap, where a treated surface will remain pathogen free  between deep cleans.  For more […]
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DiOX Develops ground-breaking facemasks

DiOX, LiquidNano’s fabric division, is developing a unique facemask which will offer a better fit and a powerful anti-microbial treatment, developed specifically for Facemasks, launched in July. DiOX D4 is a durable water repellent coating which has the ability to ‘kill’ enveloped pathogens (like all Corona viruses) by puncturing the lipid cells.  The coating will […]
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LiquidNano launches Steri-Wipes

One of the most exciting LiquidNano innovations is Steri-Wipe, an anti microbial surface treatment which has the ability to protect a shared touchscreen from the three major pathogen groups (fungal, barcterial and viral) for up to 10 days between treatments. This is clearly a game changer and this technology has already been deployed by the […]
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