Liquid Glass Screen Protection with £200 Screen Protection Guarantee

£34.99 GBP
Tax included.

The LiquidNano™ Mobile Screen Protector has been specifically designed to protect Mobile Device Glass and includes a £200 Screen Protection Guarantee managed by Asfalis, inc. 

​This best in class coating is built from a super durable, eco-friendly, silica dioxide (SiO2) based protective smart coating that replaces the need for a traditional tempered glass device screen protector.

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Key Features

- Includes Screen Protection Guarantee

- Increases device screen scratch resistance by up to 95%

- Increases impact resistance by up to 33%

- Increases device screen hardness by up to 30%

- Universal fit for any size glass screen on handset, tablet or smartwatch

- No fuss application, wipe on, buff off, no bubbles

Product Contents

1 x Preparation cleaner

1 x Nano coating

1 x Micro fiber cloth

1 x Instructional insert

1 x Product Performance Guarantee registration PIN

Customer Service

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Our Product Performance Guarantee

LiquidNano™ mobility products include a Product Performance Guarantee (PPG) serviced by Asfalis, Inc. and underwritten by global A-Rated Insurers. LiquidNano™ was the first and original liquid glass mobile screen protection product to be backed globally by multiple A-Rated insurers and trusted by leaders of industry since 2016.

Where products offer a Performance Guarantee, only trust those that are managed and underwritten from industry specialists.

Product Features

  • LiquidNano provides your mobile device screen with 95% increased scratch resistance

    Scratch Resistant

    Reduces accidental scratches by up to 95%

  • LiquidNano provides your mobile device screen with 33% increase shatter resistance

    Impact Resistant

    Enhances the impact resistance of the screen by up to 33%, helping to avoid cracked or damaged glass.

  • LiquidNano creates a 9H hardness layer of liquid glass on your mobile device

    Increased Hardness

    9H protective later on the screen increases the firmness of the glass by 30%. Award winning German engineered technology.

  • LiquidNano is a perfect fit every time and works on phones, tablets and smart watches with a glass screen

    Universal Application

    Can be applied to any mobile device, phone, tablet or smartwatch that is flat or curved.

  • LiquidNano lets you keep your device perfect

    Invisible Coating

    Completely invisible and undetectable adding no additional bulk to the device.

  • LiquidNano has no bubbles, no film, no dirt

    No Bubbles

    Tempered glass screen protectors can peel off, introduce bubbles and can shatter.