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LiquidNano has no bubbles, no film, no dirt
LiquidNano provides your mobile device screen with 95% increased scratch resistance
LiquidNano provides your mobile device screen with 33% increase shatter resistance
LiquidNano is a perfect fit every time and works on phones, tablets and smart watches with a glass screen
LiquidNano lets you keep your device perfect

Why use a liquid glass screen protector?

Liquid Glass is a truly remarkable, multi award winning technology which allows a user to protect a device with an ultra-thin super durable coating of easy to clean, glass.

Nano coatings for device screens are a disruptive technology because they undermine all the tempered glass solutions which are only applicable to the phone size they have been made for.

LiquidNano™ works on any device, phone or tablet and is very easy to apply.

LiquidNano™ coated device screens are 33% more shatter resistant, 30% harder, 95% more scratch resistant, block 80% of Y Wave radiation and repel water and oil.