LiquidNano Asfalis Registration App

We Guarantee Protection

A Product Performance Guarantee (“PPG”) is a form of device protection that is included as an additional feature/benefit of our liquid glass screen protector.

The Product Performance Guarantee (“PPG”) included with a LiquidNano™ product will reimburse for repair / replacement of a broken device screen due to accidental drop for up to the maximum benefit amount as defined in the program.


“that if a mobile device is accidently damaged while using our product correctly, we will reimburse you for repair costs up to the maximum specified amount”.

Trusted. Proven.

Where products offer a Product Performance Guarantee, only trust those that are managed and underwritten from industry specialists. Asfalis, Inc. is a globally trusted, proven and historical performing specialist program.

Who is Asfalis, Inc.

Founded in 2018, Asfalis, Inc. is a cloud based global Fintech Warranty as a Service (“WaaS”) provider specialising in turnkey warranty services.

Asfalis, Inc. combines a fully automated registration app by utilising AI diagnostics, a fully regulatory compliant data management platform with electronic payment processing delivery to end consumers or businesses.

The ASFALIS® Product Performance Guarantee (PPG) Platform is highly secure, scalable and cloud based, backed by multiple A-rated insurers,data protection compliant (GDPR, CPRA and PIPEDA), audit compliant for complete PPG Lifecycle, and multi-lingual and multi-currency with payment available in 193 countries.