About us

LiquidNano is a global leader in using
nano-scale technologies.

LiquidNano™ is a global leader in using emerging nano-scale technologies to create protective coatings for many kinds of surfaces from mobile phone screens to car windshields to performance sportswear.

We have both consumer and industrial business units working for a variety of vertical markets, including automotive, marine, consumer electronics, and apparel fabrics.

Our products all combine best-in-class performance with the highest environmental standards.



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World leader in
NANO-SCALE Liquid glass

LiquidNano™ is a world leader in developing nanoscale Silica Dioxide known commonly as liquid glass.

Tiny particles of sand, around 500 times smaller than a human hair’s breadth will bond to a variety of host materials creating an invisible, protective and flexible shield.  Due to the nano-size of the particles that form the shield, the protective coating is incredibly robust and, once bonded to a host material, will protect it from water, oil, bacteria, viruses and all increase the substrate or host material’s strength.

LiquidNano™ coatings are invisible to sight and impossible to feel.  They enhance the performance of the host material and do not inhibit any functionality from a touch screen to a 4-way stretch sports fabric.

Why Nano-Technology?

Nano-Technology has revolutionised
protective coatings

Nano-Technology has revolutionised protective coatings across a number of products from the largest super-yacht to the most compact smartphone, here’s why:

  • Protects against water, oil, viruses and bacteria
  • Impossible to detect by sight, touch or smell
  • Easy consumer and industrial application
  • Ecologically friendly
  • Robust and durable
  • Single products compatible with all host products (unlike pre-formed protective shell products)

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