Formed in 2016, LiquidNano™ was the idea of 3 industry veterans wanting to explore the commercial benefits offered by the burgeoning SiO² (Silicon Dioxide) Liquid Glass and other nanotechnology coatings sector.

Today, LiquidNano's team is located in United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain and Sweden, servicing a growing list of global clients.

We're proud of our success and what we've achieved. LiquidNano™ now offers a world class portfolio of protective coatings, for almost all surfaces, including the wide range of surfaces found in wireless (mobility), automotive, marine, apparel, healthcare, industrial, sporting, agricultural, aviation, military, and domestic environments. The coatings range from durable DIY ‘wipe-on’ coatings to ultra-tough military grade coatings designed for professional application.

Our core focus

  • LiquidNano ODM Mobile Screen Protection Specialist


    As an ODM specialist, we supply many of the worlds leading mobile accessory brands with universal screen protection supporting them and their PPG program across 193 countries. An Asfalis, Inc. Product Performance Guarantee provides your products with a Unique Value Proposition to market.

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  • LiquidNano Mobile Screen Protection for Enterprise


    We manufacturer for Enterprise clients who supply their Value Added Resellers servicing SMB and Corporate markets across the globe. Our universal screen protection with Product Performance Guarantee is fast and efficient for device application and supports driving business back to base for repairs.

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  • LiquidNano mobile screen protection for incentive and loyalty marketing


    Marketeers love our products with a Product Performance Guarantee as it demonstrates high value, is universal to a global audience, sustainable and has zero obsolescence.

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