World leader in
NANO-SCALE Liquid glass

LiquidNano™ Windshield coating enhances visibility and can be applied at home or by professionals such as service centres, valets and dealerships.

Unlike wax-based windshield products, a single application of LiquidNano™ Windshield Protection will remain in place up to one year, and once the glass is treated the windshield becomes highly water repellent, significantly improving visibility in heavy rain.  Thanks to LiquidNano’s protection, tree sap, tar and other staining materials will not smear windshields leaving them clearer.  When driving in heavy rain or low light, a treated windshield is clearer significantly improving safety.


Nano-Technology has revolutionised
protective coatings

LiquidNano™ technology products have been developed to protect devices including smartphones, tablets and other touchscreens.  The Ultimate Screen Protector applies the liquid glass suspended in alcohol for a simple and quick wipe on application which cures in minutes.  Once applied the screens hardness is typically increased from H6 to H9, thanks to the liquid glass in-filling the macroscopic ridges and imperfections naturally found in glass (graphic).

LiquidNano™ ultimate screen protection is available with a warranty for a treated device.  Registration is through a simple app (ASFALIS) and a claim is fully automated.



LiquidNano™ has used its liquid glass technology to create anti-microbial coatings that can be applied to both hard and soft surfaces.

With unparalleled results, our treatments not only kill harmful pathogens, but also create an invisible barrier that prohibits viruses, bacteria, and funguses from settling and growing on a surface, significantly reducing the risk of contact contamination.

As with all our products, our Anti-microbial coatings have been developed and rigorously tested by independent laboratories to give users the ultimate peace of mind.


DiOX. World leader in
FABRIC coatings

DiOX is the fabric division of LiquidNano, developing environmentally friendly coatings for all fabrics to create water, stain and viral resistance.  Our award-winning fabric coatings have been developed for sports, workwear, military uniforms, general apparel and medical.

DiOX uses a combination of nanotechnology, dendritic hyperbranched materials and liquid glass to create the world’s most robust and durable water repellent coatings which have been independently verified in laboratories across the world to outperform current market solutions.  DiOX coatings include CØ DWR and reduced C6 oleophobic treatments that are applied via padders to any material from organic cotton to recycled filament polyesters.  DiOX also has a fabric coating(D4) which includes an anti-microbial treatment to protect against viruses and bacteria, including Coronavirus.

  • D1 – A unique durable water repellent coating that is certified CØ with no PFOAs
  • D2 – A CØ hydrophilic coating which protects fabrics against water and oil based stain
  • D3 – A reduced PFOA coating protecting ‘heavy use’ fabrics (uniforms, workwear and military) from both water (hydrophobic) and oil (oleophobic)
  • D4 – A combination coating which is hydrophobic and oleophobic and contains a anti-microbial coating that kills 99.7% of known viruses including Coronavirus, Ebola and HIV, used in both medical and consumer applications.

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